Nezu Shrine TsutsujiNezu Jinja (根津神社) is a Shinto shrine not so far from Ueno or Yanaka and is near Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nezu Station. This shrine survived air raids in WWII and retains an Edo-era complex. For details about this shrine, see the article on Nezu Shrine. In spring, the Tsutsuji-matsuri (Azalea Festival) will be held at this shrine.


This shrine is famous for its azalea flowers which date back to the Edo period and bloom from mid-April to early May. During this period, the Tsutsuji-matsuri (つつじまつり), literally meaning "the Azalea Festival," is held, and the garden will be open to the public for 200 yen. Attractions will be performed on weekends and holidays, also.

Azalea Garden

According to legend, this Shinto was established about 1,900 years ago, but it changed its location twice, and was relocated to the present place in 1706 (most part of the present shrine complex was built on this occasion). Before that, this site used to be the residence of Tokugawa Ienobu (1662-1712), who was later to become the sixth shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the shrine's azalea garden was founded in those days. Now, there are some 3,000 azalea trees consisting of 100 cultivars in the garden, and blooms from late-April to early May.

Azalea Festival

Though this festival kicks off from mid-April, there're almost no trees that are blooming at first. Stalls are not set up as well in this period.

Azalea Festival

Azaleas start flowering from around late April.

Azalea Festival

You can enjoy the flowers from outside the garden. It's admission free in that case.

From inside the garden
Azalea Festival
Azalea Festival
Azalea Festival

It takes 200 yen to get inside the garden. You can enter the garden only in this period of the year. Open 9am - 5:30pm.


Stalls will be set up in the shrine precincts. On weekends and holidays, some more events will be held.

Food stalls
Azalea Festival
Mikoshi procession
Azalea Festival
Naginata demonstration
Azalea Festival
drum concert
Azalea Festival

Drum concerts are held during the Golden Week.

Azalea Festival

Urayasu-no-mai, a kind of Shinto dance, is dedicated to the shrine by local elementary school girls every year.

Owara-kaze-no-bon dance
Azalea Festival
Azalea Festival
Hanagasa Odori
Azalea Festival

Many other performances are performed during the Golden Week.

Event program for 2018

Unfortunately, the specific contents of the above performances are not announced on the web. (Though they are shown on a board in the shrine precincts.)

Nezu Jinja
1-28-9 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo-to MAP
Access: 5-min walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyda Line Nezu Station
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