Traveling Traditional Japan

Upcoming Traditional Events around Tokyo

There are many traditional rituals and festivals going on all year round around Tokyo. Below are notable upcoming traditional events.

Central Tokyo

湯島天神 梅まつり
Feb 8 - Mar 8, 2020

Ume Matsuri at Yushima Tenjin Shrine (湯島天神 梅まつり)

3-30-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo [MAP]
This is a festival to enjoy apricot flowers. On weekends, many performances are to be conducted from around noon.

Some more (smaller ones)

Feb 29

International Cultural Exchange Festival at Bunkyo Civic Center (文京区国際交流フェスタ)

1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo [MAP]
[Flyer] 10am-4pm, admission free.

Outskirts of Tokyo

Upcoming traditional event on the outskirts of Tokyo (chosen by accessibility).
Feb 15 - Mar 1, 2020

Ume-matsuri at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (成田の梅まつり)

Narita, Narita City, Chiba Pref. [MAP]
[Photos] Apricot blossom festival held at Japanese garden at 10am-3pm
Mar 8, 2020

Hiwatari-sai at Takaosan Yakuoin Temple (高尾山薬王院 火渡り祭)

Takaomachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo [MAP]
[Photos] Fire-crossing from 1pm AT THE FOOT of Mt. Takao. A 5-min walk from Keio Line Takaosan-guchi Station.

Some more (smaller ones)

Mar 3-4 Daruma Doll Market at Jindaiji Temple (深大寺 厄除元三大師大祭 だるま市)
5-15-1 Jindaiji-motomachi, Chofu City, Tokyo [MAP]
[Photos] Take a bus from Keio Line Chofu Sta., JR Kichijoji Sta. or JR Mitaka Sta..