Bon-odori at Hibiya ParkHibiya Park, located in the middle of Tokyo, is a public park adjoining the Imperial Palace, and is one of the oldest public park in Japan. For details about this place, see the article on Hibiya Park.
Many events are held throughout the year at here. A bon-odori dance festival held in late August is one of them.

Bon-odori festival at Hibiya Park

At Hibiya Park, a relatively large bon-odori festival formally called Marunouchi-ondo Dai-bon-odori Taikai (丸の内音頭大盆踊り大会) is held around the main fountain in late August every year.

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Bon-odori at Hibiya Park /></figure><figure class=
People resting in the lawn
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Food stalls
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Hibiya Park
Hibiya-park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo MAP
Nearest stations: Tokyo-metro Subway Kasumigasek Sta, Hibiya Sta, Toei Subway Hibiya Sta. etc.
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