Kodomo YabusameRokugo Jinja (六郷神社) is a Shinto shrine which is an 8-minute walk from Keikyu Line Rokugo-dote Station. For details about this shrine, see the article on Rokugo Shrine.
Here at this shrine, a traditional archery ritual by children is held on January 7 annually.

Nanakusa Kodomo Yabusame at Rokugo Shrine

At Rokugo Jinja, a traditional archery ritual called the Nanakusa Kodomo Yabusame (七草こども流鏑馬) is perfomed by kids aged between three and twelve on January 7th every year, regardless of what day of the week it is. This event is held to wish for the children's sound growth and good luck.

Opening ritual
Kodomo Yabusame
Shooting arrows on foot
Kodomo Yabusame
Kodomo Yabusame

First, shooting arrows on foot is practiced by kids.

Shooting arrows from wooden horseback.
Kodomo Yabusame
Kodomo Yabusame

After that, Shooting arrows from wooden horseback is performed.

Rokugo Shrine
3-10-18 Higashi-rokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 8-min walk from Keikyu Line Rokugo-dote Station
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