Asakusa Otori JinjaAsakusa Otori Jinja (浅草鷲神社) is a Shinto shrine which is a 6-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Iriya Station. This rather small shrine is famous for the Tori-no-ichi (酉の市) held in November.

Tori-no-ichi at Asakusa Otori Shrine

In November, the Tori-no-ichi is held at a dozen or so Shinto shrines on the Days of Bird, which are based on Chinese zodiac. The Tori-no-ichi is a market selling decorated rakes. Since a rake is a tool to gather things, here it is regarded as a talisman of good luck which gathers fortune. There are two or three Days of Bird in November depending by the year, and the Tori-no-ichi are held as much.
This market is held from 0am to 12pm on each day. Of the Tori-no-ichi held around Tokyo (and basically this is a custom around Tokyo), the ones held at this shrine is the largest. It is also held at the adjoining temple called Chokoku-ji on the same day.

Asakusa Otori Shrine (daytime)
Asakusa Otori Shrine (at night)
Chokokuji Temple
Food stalls

Since the not-so-large precincts are filled with stalls selling decorated rakes, there is almost no space for food stalls, so they are located on the streets surrounding the shrine.

The Tori-no-ichi held here maybe TOO crowded, though, so maybe going to the Tori-no-ichi held at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku might be better a better option for a foreigner to visit.

Asakusa Otori Jinja Shrine
3-18-7 Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access : 6-min walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Iriya Sta.