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In this article, about Kitanomaru Park, the northernmost part of Edo Castle, will be described.

Kitanomaru Park

Kitanomaru Park, or Kitanomaru Koen (北の丸公園), was where two very close relatives of Tokugawa Shogun family lived at the time the Edo period ended. These two were of the three families founded in the mid-Edo period to provide successor for the post of Shogun in case the Shogun family itself had no heir.
Though there are almost nothing left inside the park, the moats, stone walls and earth ramparts surrounding the park remain, together with two massive gates.

Shimizu-bori Moat
Edo Castle
Shimizumon Gate (east side)
Edo Castle
Shimizumon Gate (inside)
Shimizumon Gate (north side)
Ushigafuchi Moat
Tayasumon Gate (north side)
Tayasumon Gate (inside)
Tayasumon Gate (west side)
Nippon Budokan
Nippon Budo-kan

Nippon Budokan was originally constructed as the Judo competition hall for 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. Its octagonal appearance is modeled after renowned Buddhist architecture Yumedono of Horyuji Temple in Nara. It is now also famous as a concert hall.

Western-style lantern of Yasukuni Shrine
Edo Castle

This western-style lantern belongs to Yasukuni Shrine across the road. It was constructed in 1871, and in those days it is said that it was able to be seen from the sea.

Chidorigafuchi Moat
Former headquarters of the Imperial Guard
Crafts Gallery

This building is the former headquarters of the Imperial Guard completed in 1910.

Inside Kitanomaru Park

Other than these, there are the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the Science Museum, and the National Archives of Japan.

About hanami

The passage along the Chidorigafuchi Moat is, together with adjoining Yasukuni Shrine, one of the most notable hanami (viewing of cherry blossoms) spot in Tokyo. See the article on the Chiyoda no Sakura Matsuri for details.

Chiyoda Sakura Matsuri
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Chiyoda no Sakura Matsuri at Yasukuni Shrine & Chidorigafuchi Moat in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
The Chiyoda no Sakura Matsuri is held from late March to early at Yasukuni Shrine & Chidorigafuchi Moat.
Along Chidorigafuchi Moat
Sight from Kitanomaru Park side
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