nanzoinNanzoin (南蔵院) is a Tendai Buddhist temple founded in 1348.
Though it's within the 23 wards of Tokyo, its effectively located in the suburbs and a little far from railway stations. It's a 16-minute walk from Kanamachi Station of the JR Joban Line or the Keisei Kanamachi Line.
The temple complex is post-war reconstruction.
This temple is known for Shibarare Jizo-son, which can be translated as "bound Jizo-son."

Sanmon Gate
Precincts inside Sanmon
Hondo (left) and Shotoku-Taishido (right)

Hondo is the main hall of a temple. Here in Nanzoin, Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, is enshrined in Hondo.
Shotoku-Taishido enshrines Shotoku Taishi (574-622), a crown prince known for his protection for Buddhism.


Jizodo enshrines Jizo Bosatsu, a Buddhist deity widely regarded as a god of mercy.

Shibarare Jizo

Shibarare Jizo, literally translated "bound Jizo", is a stone statue of Jizo Bosatsu bound with ropes. When you make a wish to this statue, you bind this statue with a rope, and when the wish is fulfilled, you unbind it.

New Year's Eve and New Year

From 11PM of December 31st, temple monks untie the ropes binding Shibarare Jizo. From 0AM, firstly monks, and then ordinary people attending the ceremony, bind it again with new ropes. While this ceremony is going on, Gagaku music is performed. For details, see the article on Nawatoki-kuyo at Nanzoin.

Untying the ropes
Ringing the bell
Tying new ropes
Nanzoin Temple
2-28-25 Higashi-Mizumoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 16-min walk from Kanamachi Station of the JR Joban Line or the Keisei Kanamachi Line