Tozenji Temple

東禅寺Tozenji (東禅寺), located between JR Shinagawa Station (7 min) and Toei Asakusa Line Sengakuji Station (9 min), is a Rinzai zen temple established in 1609.
The first British legation in Japan was placed in this temple in 1859 but it was assaulted twice soon after that by samurais who were opposed to its existence, which resulted in some dead or wounded, and the legation retreated to Yokohama following this event.
Its precincts are well-maintained, and there is a three-storied-pagoda.

Sanmon Gate

Sanmon, the main gate of the temple, was erected in 1971. Under the gate two statues of Nioh (guardian deities) are placed.

Approach leading to the main area
Hondo (left) and Kuri (right)

Hondo on the left is the main hall of the temple. Kuri on the right is where the monks live.
Hondo was completed in 1933.


Sanju-no-to, or the three-story pagoda, was erected in 1992.

Sengakuji Temple and Jokyoji Temple are not so far from here.

Tozenji Temple
3-16-16 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 7-min walk from JR or Keikyu Line Shinagawa Station/ 9-min walk from Toei Asakusa Line or Keikyu Line Sengakuji Station