Akagi Shrine

Akagi ShrineAkagi Jinja (赤城神社), founded in 1300, is a Shinto shrine which is a 1-min walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Kagurazaka Station. This shrine enshrines the guardian spirit of Kagurazaka and surrounding areas.
All the Akagi shrines are spiritual branches of Akagi Shrine at Mt. Akagi in Gunma Prefecture. (There are many branch shrines in that region). The ruler of this area was from that region then and made a branch shrine here of the shrine he worshipped at his hometown.
Its present shrine complex, constructed in 2010, was designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo. (The condominium in the precincts in which the shrine office is located was also designed by him).

Front Torii Gate
Akagi Jinja
Akagi Jinja
Keisetsu Tenjin & Haiden
Akagi Shrine

Keisetsu Tenjin on the left is located inside Kaguraden, a building where music is offered at rituals. Keisetsu Tenjin is a small shrine which enshrines Sugawa no Michizane (845 - 903), a politician and scholar who is widely worshipped as a god of learning.

Akagi Shrine

Haiden is where you offer prayers to the deities enshrined in the Honden behind Haiden.

Heiden & Honden
Akagi Shrine

Honden, connected with Haiden by Heiden, is where the main divinities are enshrined.

Akagi Jinja Shrine
1-10 Akagi-motomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 1-min walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Kagurazaka Station