Asakura Museum of Sculpture

朝倉彫塑館Asakura Museum of Sculpture (Asakura Chosokan, 朝倉彫塑館) is a small municipal museum located in Yanaka. It's a 5-min walk from Nippori Station of the JR Yamanote Line or Keisei Line.
It used to be the residence and studio of sculptor Asakura Fumio (1883-1964), and the structures that remain now were built from 1924 to 1935 based on his design.
Displayed in the museum are his Western-style sculptures, but the point of this museum is the buildings themselves. From the gate you can see the Western-style studio building constructed with reinforced concrete. Attached behind this studio are Japanese-style constructions made of wood which Asakura used as his residence, and in the middle there's a Japanese-style courtyard garden - though now it's forbidden to take pictures of it. (You were allowed to until quite recently, and the photo of the garden shown below was taken in those days). There's another garden, this one Western-style, on top of the studio building. (As for this one, you can take photo of it). This set of gardens is designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty.
As for the temple town of Yanaka itself, see here.

Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Approach from back gate
Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Courtyard garden
Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Roof-top garden
Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Back gate (permanently closed)
Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Asakura Museum of Sculpture Official English website
Hours 9:30-16:30; admission 500yen; closed Mon*, Thu* & Dec 29-Jan 3 (*if a national holiday, the next day instead)
7-18-10 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 5-min walk from Nippori Station of the JR Yamanote Line or Keisei Line

Calligraphy Museum


Calligraphy Museum (書道博物館) is another small city-run museum in Taito City. It's a 4-minute walk from JR Yamanote Line Uguisudani Station if you use the north exit of the station.
This museum was at first a private museum which was set up in 1936 by Western-style painter and oriental calligrapher Nakamura Fusetsu (1866-1943), but was later donated to Taito City. It stores Chinese and Japanese artifacts and fine arts. (I cannot show you the photos of them because it's not allowed to take pictures). The buildings of those days still remain, and there's also a small courtyard. Do not mix up this museum with Japan Calligraphy Museum (日本書道美術館), which is located in the suburbs.

Front side
Calligraphy Museum
Court yard
Calligraphy Museum
Stone warehouse in courtyard
Calligraphy Museum

The reason I'm telling you about the Calligraphy Museum is, this is one of four museums run by Taito City, and there is a discount ticket for them. The four museums are Shitamachi Museum, Asakura Museum of Sculpture, Calligraphy Museum, and Ichiyo Memorial Museum, but you can forget about the last one unless you are interested in novelist Higuchi Ichiyo. (So hereafter I will talk about the first three museums.)
The admission fees of the three museums are 300yen, 500yen and 500yen, respectively, but they offer a discount ticket for all of these for 800yen. With this you can enter each facility once, but it's effective for a year. If they didn't offer this discount ticket, I probably wouldn't be noticing you about the Calligraphy Museum, but if you are planning to visit both Shitamachi Museum and Asakura Museum of Sculpture, then you might go to Calligraphy Museum as well if you have time since the total sum of these admission will be the same by using this discount ticket.

Calligraphy Museum Official English website
Open 9:30-16:30; 500yen; closed Mon* & Dec 29-Jan 3 (*if a national holiday, the next day instead)
2-10-4 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 4-min walk from JR Yamanote Line Uguisudani Station's north exit