Shobo Junshokusha IreisaiYutenji, located in southwestern part of Tokyo's 23 wards, is a Jodo Buddhist temple which is a 6-minute walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Yutenji Station. For details about this facility, see the article on Yutenji Temple.
On April 29th, an event to commemorate firemen who had sacrificed their lives in their duty is held here.

Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai at Yutenji Temple

The Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai (消防殉職者慰霊祭), held at Yutenji Temple (祐天寺) on April 29, is a memorial service for firefighters who had died while extinguishing fire. In the late Edo period, at the city of Edo, modern-day Tokyo, fire-fighting was assumed mainly by groups consisting of tobi (construction workers) and had a distinctive culture of their own. This memorial ceremony is held by the organization which was formed to inherit and pass along the culture of the figherfighters of those days.
After the ceremony, a fair to enhance the awareness against fire and disaster hosted by the Tokyo Fire Department is held.

Men with fire-fighting flags
Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai

The closed-door ritual for deceased firemen starts in the hall from 11am, while members clad in traditional tobi uniform waits in the outside parking lot.

Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai
Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai

At noon, the members stride in the temple precincts, waving matoi (fire-fighting flags.)

Ladder performance
Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai

After that, ladder performance passed on among tobi construction workes is conducted.

Music band
Shobo Junshokusha Ireisai

Performance by the music band of Tokyo Fire Department follows.

Yutenji Temple
5-24-53 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: 6-min walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Yutenji Station
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